Confidentiality, loyalty and diligence are our guiding principles in our relation to the client.

We undertake assignments as counsel and public defenders as well as assisting in custody and visitation disputes. We assist you in matters concerning residence permits and other permits in Sweden. We also undertake assignments as public counsel in expulsion cases.

A plaintiff attorney has the right to participate in the hearing of the victim and in certain circumstances even when being interviewed with other people. A victim is also entitled to damages, the plaintiff claims is private and should be routinely dealt with under the rules of civil procedure.

You are entitled to public defenders if necessary with regard to the investigation of the crime, considering the risk for a verdict ruling other than fines or probation, or if there are special circumstances or personal circumstances.

We help you get into contact with social services, police, or organisations that you may need to meet in connection with a custody and visitation disputes. Of course, we will stand by your side in court!

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